Lashes and Brows 

Individual Lash Extensions

False single hairs are applied to one of your natural lashes to create a bespoke set of lashes, needs maintenence every 2-3wks 

New Set £55.50

45min Infill £20.30

60min Infill £25.40

Removal £15.50

*if regular maintenance is followed and you require a new set it will be charged on time not the new set price

Russian Volume Lash

Multiple finer hairs are applied to each lash to give a fluffier fuller look

New Set £65.50

45min Infill £30.00

60min Infill £35.00

Express Lash £35.00

Great for a special occasion, full thick temporary lashes, lasts for 2wks then must be removed  

Lash Lift and Tint £33.50

Lift your natural lashes to make them appear longer and darker last 6-8wks 

HiBrow £19.00

Restyling of your brows including shaping, colour, make-up application, to help you grow the natural brows you want 

Eyebrow Tint & Shape £12.50

Tint is applied to darken your brows to your desired colour then brows are shaped to perfection

Brow Re-Style £10.00

Have you let your brows get out of control? then you need a re-stlye  

Brow Shape £7.10

Maintenance of pre shaped brows

Brow Threading £7.50

re-shaping using threading techniques perfect for sensitive skins 

Henna Brows £30.00

Shaping and colour using natural henna last up to 6 weeks, can cover grey hairs 

Lash Tinting £10.50

Brow Tinting £5.50

Lash & Brow Tint With Brow Shape £21.00

Application of tint to darken your natural lashes/brows, lasts 6-8wks 

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